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The Center for Conservation and Preservation of Islamic Architectural Heritage was established in 1984.

The Center has projects with international foundations all over the world:


International & European Organizations and Foundations:

UNESCO, United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
ICOMOS, International Council On Monuments and Sites
AKCS, Aga Khan Foundation for Cultural Services,
World Monument Fund
Van Berchem Foundation
Bayerisches Landesamt  für Denkmalpflage, Munich

Consultation & Restoration Foundations in the Middle East:

OICC, Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities
Kuwait Foundation for Scientific DevelopmentHariri Foundation-Lebanon,
H.R.H. Sultan Ibn Salman's Office-Saudi Arabia,
Center for Development Consultancy (CDC)-Jerusalem
The Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt

Our conservation programs is to be established by a group of
professionals well trained and genuinely interested in all values in
cultural property; CIAH has a permanent staff with different skills
and scientific branches, beside our various associative consultant

Center for Conservation & Preservation of Islamic Architectural Heritage  

Egypt - Headquarter

85, Ramsis Street, (P.O.Box: 764)
11511 Cairo, Egypt

Tel  : +20 2 2575.2495 / 2577.6122
Fax : +20 2 2574.8872
Mail :

Germany - Representation Office

Cockerillstr. 100
52222 Stolberg, Germany

Tel  : +49 2402 12750.2000
Fax : +49 2402 12750.2900
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