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The study aims to assess the state of conservation of important cultural sites at Kosovo.

Sultan Mehmet II al-Fatih Mosque:

It is located in the centre of the historic city of Pristina beside the clock tower .It was built in 865 H./1460-61A.D. The mosque consists of two parts : the porch consists of three compartments covered by small domes. The praying hall has a square plan.The minaret stool is hexagonal, a short cylindrical storey crowned by the typical  ottoman cone covered by lead sheets

The Great Hamm ām:

The hammām is located to the north west of the Mehmet II al-Fātih Mosque.It is built during the 16 th century. It consists of different spaces and rooms. First an undressing and rest hall, then transition room without means of heating, but it is warmed by its proximity to the heated section. The heated hall is provided with certain number of small room provided by stone basins.

Jasar Mosque:

The mosque was founded by Yashār Mehmet Pāshā in 1250 H./1834 A.D. The mosque consists of two parts: the portico, the praying hall, the minaret stands on the right side of the portico and consists of a stool and a high circular. storey  ended with a balcony.

The Great Hammām
Jašār Mosque

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